Monday, September 27, 2010

What Place Art Takes in Our Life

Have you ever thought about the place of art in your life? Is it important to you? What kind of art do you see every day and even do not notice their presence?

Visual Art
Do you have pictures at home or in your office? Have you noticed that when you are dreaming about something in the future or making plans you look at them? Visual art is able to take our mind far away from daily routine to a beautiful imaginary world. Do you like to receive postcards from your family and friends? Can you imagine if their greeting would be written on a blanc piece of paper? Images are very important for us. Sometimes we can understand other peoples' feeling towards us through images they choose for us.

Architectural Art
If you do not live in a cave (I suppose you are not), architectural art is surrounding you. Since ancient time people were trying to improve their homes. By time they discovered new material, then started to invent newer ones. Architectural styles changed from century to century. And now you live in a modern city with high buildings, bridges, underground ways...

Applied Art
Handmade carpets, cups, pots, vases, plates, tapestries and many other beautiful things make your life comfortable and enjoyable. Have you ever drink tee from a cup made of red clay? It is amazing! There is no comparison between handmade pieces of art and manufactured items. You feel their energy and it makes you stronger and happier.

Art is present in our life in many shapes. It is used for so many purposes like communication, entertainment and even healing. Art makes our life beautiful and full of meaning. Ability to create makes us human.