Monday, September 23, 2013

Paintings of Nikolay Roerich

Nikolay Roerich (1874 - 1947) was a great philosopher and painter. If you have a chance to read his theosophic books "Agni Yoga", "Shambhala" and other works, you will understand that he was a highly spiritual person with a massage that opens people's hearts and minds. He was painting in symbolism style mainly using egg tempera.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Oil Painting "Tears of Happiness"

I have tried a new technique while creating this painting. First, I started it as an ordinary painting in "a la prima" technique, but noticed that the idea of the painting was not matching it. The idea was deeper. So, I repainted it and made it in two layers: monochrome umber painting and then the color layer. This experience was very interesting to me. Thanks to it I decided to study multi-layer painting technique that old master were using, when they applied many thin layers of oil paints to achieve deep and harmonious painting.

This painting is currently for sale.

Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci

All of us know Leonardo da Vinci as a genius and one of the greatest painters of all the time but we rarely remember his contribution to other sciences, such as architecture, anatomy, biology, mathematics, etc. I offer to have a look at some of his scientific drawings: