Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to choose a picture for children room

If you decided to decorate your kids’ room by yourself, you need to know how to choose pictures for it. There are many aspects of this task like color, subject, size, place and cost.

Have a look at your kid’s room. What colors dominate in its design and furniture? Determine three main colors and try to choose a picture in the same color spectrum. For example, if the main colors are green, orange and red, do not choose a picture, where the dominant color is pink, it will not match the interior. You also need to avoid dark images and backgrounds. Most of children like pictures with vivid colors and clear images. They like to see clearly what is depicted on a picture, not to guess and imagine. Otherwise they can imagine something, you never wanted them to.

Subject of a picture for children room

If your child is grown up enough allow him to choose a picture by himself. Boys usually like cars, trains, planes, etc. Girls like flowers, animals, dolls… 
Never place scary pictures in your kid’s room, even it depicts a Halloween pumpkin. Children have very vivid imagination. They can imagine something even scarier than you can see on that picture and it may cause such problems as insomnia and nerve disorders. For the same reason psychologists recommend to avoid placing in the kid's room pictures with human faces.

Picture size and place

Picture size depends on empty space available and zones separation. For example, if you have only a bed next to a wall, you can put a large picture on it (for example, 50x30 cm). If you have sleeping and studying zones along one wall, you can put two small pictures, one above each zone. If you decide to put different pictures on opposite walls, use pictures of different sizes and colors. For example, you can hang one large picture on one wall and two small on the other one.

Picture price
High quality pictures for children rooms are really expensive and their price can reach up to a thousand dollars. It is up to you to decide whether you want to invest such an amount into a picture for your kid. The positive thing is that quality pictures help children to develop good taste and understanding of aesthetic beauty. In addition, expensive pictures can be transferred from generation to generation in your family and become a family tradition. Another choice is to buy a picture print or a poster. It is much, much cheaper of course and can save you a lot of money for other important things.

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  1. I take photos of paintings, or find them on line, put into my iphotos, then blow them up and have prints made by Shutterfly.
    Not costly... $23 for a 20x30 inch print.

  2. It is a good idea.
    I also like to use framed children art for room decoration. It makes kids proud of their drawing skills and encourages them to draw more.