Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to take a photo of a picture

Taking photos of pictures is quite different from taking photos of people, nature and other objects. A photo taken by an unexperienced photographer can spoil all impression of a picture and even Photoshop will not help to correct the image. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use help of a professional to take a photo. Anyway, if you have decided to take a photo by yourself, here some basic advices on how to make it.

  • Pictures of a size less then A4 can be scanned. Scan preserves all colors and details of a picture. You can easily use it later for uploading to Internet and printing.
  • Take a photo of your picture outdoors during day time. Artificial light at home is not enough to take a quality picture.
  • Disable flash. Never use flash for picture shooting as it illuminates some parts of a picture more than needed.
  • Disable time and date display.
  • Use a tripod. It will help you to avoid the effect of shaking hands.
  • The camera has to be directed to the center of the picture and strictly perpendicular.
  • Do not take a shot from a very close distance. Fix camera few meters from the picture and zoom it. 
  • Before taking a shot, make sure that no shadows drop on the picture.
One more advice: always keep quality photos of all your pictures. You never know then you may need them.

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